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Proactive Support

At RubraTec we believe that business grade support should be proactive, not reactive. This means we believe in prevent issues from occurring, saving your medical practice important time and money.

Worry Free Updates

A large number of medical practices experience downtime due to important updates and bug patches. We avoid this problem by running all I.T. maintenance outside of standard business operating hours.

Fixed Monthly Fee

To make it easy for your medical practice, we sit down with you and work out exactly what you need. We tailor a solution for your practice and then work out a fixed monthly fee for your network maintenance and support.


Strategy & Management

Let’s face it, technology is here to stay. That’s why it is vital to your practice to really consider a strategic plan on how you are going to manage technology now and into the future. RubraTec can do all this and more…

Remove I.T. Frustration

There is nothing worse than being frustrated with your computer. Let alone a whole network of computers. We understand the importance of having a network that provides a consistent and reliable experience for the end user that doesn’t leave them feeling frustrated. How do we achieve this? Our strict update schedule and strategic management plans ensure your practice is kept up-to-date with optimal performance.

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Maintain the health of your network

There are a number of things involved with maintaining the health of a network within a medical practice. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming or like a waste of time. That’s why at RubraTec we bring our wealth of network knowledge into your medical practice, ensuring that all updates and bug fixes are applied in a timely manner. Best of all… We work with all the major suppliers of medical software systems, including Medical Director, Best Practice and Genie Solutions.

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The guys at RubraTec have been there at the end of the phone during the occasional crisis that we have had with our servers & medical software and at one stage implemented a new server for us within 24hrs of our existing server becoming unstable.

Our servers and backup system now run perfectly in the background and we have the reassurance that all is being handled online without us having to worry about maintenance. I have no hesitation in recommending Graeme and Phil and their company RubraTec for any IT needs that your company may have.


Practice Manager

RubraTec were very quick to help out and dig us out of a hole following a system failure. Even when our software vendors had no answer, RubraTec was able to get us back online

Terry White Pharmacy

Reliable, Secure & Affordable

RubraTec is expanding its operating area to include Ulladulla, Batemans Bay, all the way down to Eden. RubraTec has a wealth of experience in Medical technology, including systems such as Medical Director (HCN partner), Best Practice, and Genie Solutions. RubraTec values the role of IT in health and understands that often help is needed immediately.